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My humble attempt at diy tip up

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Decided to take a group of first timers out for ice fishing along with educating the on the rules and importance of conservation.

Didnt expect them to go out and buy equipment so here is my humble attempt at making tip ups with whatever I could find around the house.

Stuff used:

Wood from old crate stool

Paint mix sticks

Wire hanger

Leftover fishing line

Rubber bands

The only thing I bought for 6 bucks was the wire steel strapping.


Going to test it out this thursday for perch. Should work fine, I hope.




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44 minutes ago, misfish said:

Thats how we made them in the ole days.  You can slide a quarter under the line at the back of the tip up for balancing. Also round off those sharp edges on the holder.

Thanks for the tips. Yes will on getting rid of those sharp edges 👍

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