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Shore fishing and ice fishing around Parry Sound


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you can fish any of the lakes around there


From that page

The following waterbodies have regulations that are very different from the Zone-wide season and limits and are only referred to in the waterbody exceptions:

  • all waterbodies in Algonquin Park
  • Bonnechere River
  • Calabogie Lake
  • Carmichael Lake
  • Jack Lake
  • Kushog Lake
  • Lake Clear and Little Lake Clear
  • Madawaska River
  • Mud Lake
  • Murphy’s Lake (Arabis Lake)
  • Royal Lake
  • Slipper Lake
  • South Wildcat Lake
  • Stocking Lake
  • Stoney Lake
  • Trout Lake
  • Wendigo Lake
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Watch the parking regs. The township of Georgian Bay to the south does not allow roadside parking and signage is minimal to non existent. You will get a ticket... I don't know if Parry Sound is the same..

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