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Carp Anglers Group - Ontario Chair


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Dear all

While I appreciate that carp fishing is not for everyone, it is fast becoming a popular sports fish in both Canada and The States. 
I have been carp fishing for 30 years. Needless to say - I love it! 

I hope that it is acceptable to share this here. 

I have just been voted in as State Chair for Ontario for the Carp Anglers Group (carpanglersgroup.com), and have a huge to-do list. 

Right off the bat, I was asked to create a Facebook Group page. This group page is set up and will include - 
Carp Anglers Group - Ontario Agenda.
In no particular order:
CAG member (and guests) Fish-In (2-3 a year).
Promote CAG and its membership.
Junior Fish-In and teaching days.
Local meet ups.
Meetings/contact with local press to promote carp fishing.
Maintain contact with MNRF regarding multi line (2 rod) fishing for carp.
Various prize giveaways.

Please come an give us a visit: CAG - Ontario Group page

Again, I completely understand that carp fishing and carp in general is not everyone's cup of tea. 

Thank you for reading this far! 

All the best, and tight lines. 

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Brought back a lot of good memories. As kids we could not wait for spring to hone our fishing skills battling 20 lb+ carp at Cootes Paradise in Hamilton Ontario. Preparing  corn meal balls and getting all our old tackle together, as we knew we would lose line, sinkers, and sometimes rods. Those were fun days and yes Carp was a fun fish to catch.

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