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Fishing Cuba, advice needed


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Have a trip booked to Cuba in the  the Veradero area in Feb and want to do some fishing. Either fly fishing of from the shore with a spinning rod, or both.

If anyone has any experience in Cuba, specifically this area I would like to hear so I can plan ahead.


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Didn't fish but seen guys hand lining right off the causeway between Varadero and our hotel this past November.  Once the sun set and folks were leaving the beach guys were using inner tubes with a wooden board for bench just off the beaches maybe 100 yards out, also hand-lining. Here's a decent write up from Trip advisor:


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1 hour ago, TJQ said:

Bring extra lures and especially fishing line and hooks, leave them for tips for the workers and youll get the best advice on where to go!.

Exactly. You wouldn't believe the crap locals have to use. They are fishing to feed their families not like we do for fun. I always leave tackle for them even if I don't fish. Anything baseball is much appreciated too. Again the crap the kids use is terrible. The same goes for The Dominican Republic. Fishing down there is simple. A hook a line and some fish guts, sometimes a rod and reel. Anything you bring will catch fish. When you do go fishing don't bring the kitchen sink with you, kids will be begging for stuff all day if you have it. Be careful, don't venture out fishing at night alone. Desperate people can do desperate things. I've fished Cuba a dozen times or more. There are inland lakes that hold 10lb Large Mouth. They are all charters with a boat and guide. Not expensive when we went compared to some Florida day charters. 

Good luck, play smart stay safe cabrone. 

Johnny D


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We use spinning outfits to cast out shrimp(we got from our resort kitchen). We did very well. Like the guys above said, locals are very appreciative of anything you can give. I left everything but my rod and reel for them. We used braided line, egg sinker, then Fluro leader to a circle hook. I had no idea what the fish were, but our little buddy from the resort kitchen sure was happy to keep them! 

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Just back from Holquin don't think it's to close to Veradaro.

I bought a 8ft travel rod off amazon GoTour brand 4 piece packed easily in suitcase.

The 5500 Shimano Utera salt reel was a little big for this stick 4500 salt likely better and 4000 freshwater would work. 

I also bought a Goture 11 ft collapse rod 700gm this 1 was junk guide placement just awful.

I will get model numbers later.

For all saltwater   high tide is the game. Yes for the shrimp from cook 3 peso should get a bunch raw not cooked. take a small sandwich cooler bag from dollar store and zip lock bags for ice and shrimp. I put 4 beers or 2 and 2 beer pop. Cubans love a cold drink.

Take Spider Thread with you to hold shrimp or bread on.  Number 2 or 3 stainless bait hooks are good.

I find the hand lining fascinating cant wait to try. Buy 30 lb Eagle Claw mono from Wal Mart $3 I waited to find the right guy and got about 6 hugs and 20 thank you. The 20 lb only so so.

You clean raw shrimp and thread on hook then spider thread whole thing. The Lady Fish yellow black stripes will drive you crazy.

We caught Yellow tail snapper most around 16 inches trolling with paddleboat . We needed a selection of split shot or rubber cores.

Caught baby groupers 5 inches dragging bottom. The drop-off was a haul by paddleboat but that's where we need to be for larger fish.

You will get offers for guide trips every day. Somebody has a friend or cab driver and friend with boat. I didn't take any of these offers.

My fun is using the skills I've got make the adjustments to catch fish so great trip.

Chumming with bread or shrimp heads and shells always helps.

Any fishing line put 30 lb is what they need. Any hooks but stainless bait hook #2.

And for the ladys hand creams and moisturizers , nail polish. Man I would like to be on the loose 20 year old.  

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I always used raw shrimp, not peeled or cleaned or strips of raw Calamari below a casting float a few split shot and a baitholder hook or Pickerel rigs we use for Perch or icefishing, pretty simple. Casting Rappalas like body baits  and crank baits always caught fish, if shallow not many with size. Usually Pin Fish. Just remember to wash your tackle and rods and reels in fresh water, salt water will rust your set ups and tackle. 

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