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Back home again.

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1 hour ago, Chuck Enwinde said:

In for free baits!  Just kidding Roy, good to see you back where you belong - hope you're back on the tiller too.  Does this mean Art finally gets a break? 

Hopefully it does lol he still has all of his keys to the kingdom here. We also have made a few decisions here (see T.J. post at the top of the page) and we are going to also have an auto moderator feature that we should be implementing here in a short while.  The feature is a new tool we have that showed up on our last upgrade and looks to be something that is going to help us get back on track to a more family friendly place we all can enjoy. 


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Glad you're OK. Kinda thought so since you are pretty well preserved/pickled thanks to that Old Milwakee you like swillin'. Haha! Oh don't need any baits thanks. I whittled a whole bunch from the HUGE minnow baits me and Swampdogger won at Lakair many years ago. 

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And  a warm hello to Gordon, Paul, Connie, the Boss, Gino, Ironmaker, Loonietoon, John Bacon,  Vance, John Payne, Joe, Mamona, Cando (yes, you were here), Ketchenany, Grimsbylander, Chuck Enwinde, Nick, Sinker, Lexxington, Rizzo, Cisco, Brian Storkey and Hometown. Looking forward to yakking with all y'all.

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