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Canadian Fire Fighters to help chhered by Australians

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These are the hero's our kids should emulate. Not millionaires playing games, in my opinion. I was a kid too once so I do remember being a kid. But my hero was my grand pa, my Nono Miano of North Tonawanda NY.  He slung hot rod by hand at Buffalo Iron and Bolt in Lackawanna NY. He had forearms like Popeyes. He once asked me if Mickey Mantle ever bought food for us? Something for an 8 year old to ponder. I really didn't understand it until I got my 1st paying job a few years latter. 


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No such thing as Global Weather Change?  I like GWC better than global warming. Listening to the news tonight hottest year ever  since recorded history was 2019. I am told that we are at 1C above basically normal, once we hit +1.5C, it's too late to reverse. I remember where I heard it, Bernie Sanders on the Dems debate stage last night. I take everything with a grain of salt whatever that means. All I know is it can't be good and try and do my part not to make things worse, anymore. Simple things like shutting off my V8 1/2 ton 4X4 when idling at a drive through. Sounds like an oxymoron. Drive a gas guzzler and try and be an environmentally responsible person. Out here in the boonies I bet 80% of vehicles are pick up trucks, most 4X4's, the balance are mostly SUV's. There must be real stats. for those numbers somewhere here on this innerweb thing. There is a real reason for all the 4X4's.

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