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RIP Neil Peart

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I was just texting about this

I was given Fly By Night as a mistake as a 5 year old.  Someone thought it was a kids album lol

From then on I was a wannabe and eventually a drummer 

Neil Peart was the man.  He could play any style of music on any set (Google Neil Peart Buddy Rich tribute to see him on a basic jazz kit)



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Well known locally here, my generation, couple of years younger than me.  https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/whatson-story/9804404-neil-peart-in-his-own-words-growing-up-in-st-catharines/?fbclid=iwar2_ban799mbjtfghnyhcotrbu8f4dpf99tnepjkb8edagzr0f_gg_tzpiq



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WE paid a buck cover charge to get into a club in Hamilton called The Rock Pile in the early 70's to see Rush. The greatest rock drummers call him the greatest of all time. In the last documentary Neil Peart said if he could play what The Stones drummer Charlie Watts plays he could play until he was 100. The GOAT of drummers. 

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