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Babsy is gone. Dubas is next?

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Well Babs wasn't his coach, Didn't Lamarillo bring him in? He is doing a pretty good job as a GM as he has assembled a pretty good team, To soft though, nobody is afraid to play them as they know they won't have to pay a price. Didn't seem to have any real systems either. Also don't sell me he is a players coach when he sat Modano on what would have been his 1500 game, Poor guy retires with 1499

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5 hours ago, DRIFTER_016 said:

Dubas is going nowhere.

Keefe is his boy.

Exactly. In his hockey history as a gm as he moved up the ranks he has now hired 3 head coaches, all Sheldon Keefe. It's already worked twice for him so it makes sense. No doubt it better shake them up good, but it's still the same players and the same cap constraints that Dubas has caused.


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