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Red Head Chest Waders

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      I have a Jiffy power head that obviously doesn't work (cause they are all garbage these days), and i don't particularly want to put the money into getting it fixed again if it's just gonna break down again after a few holes - It has already been in for repairs 3 times. the last time they could not fix the problem. i know stores like Home Depot will sell Power heads for Earth augers. has anyone tried these out on the ice? i would obviously be putting my 10" Jiffy auger blade on the new power

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      After 6 years & many repairs later I decided to retire my old breathable Wright & McGill’s for something new. I did buy a pair of Rocky neoprene hip waders a few (maybe 3) years ago for the winter months but those rather quickly showed very poor workmanship/design as a few of my fishing buddies all bought the same ones & all have had failures in the same areas after 1 season (to which the company is not helpful at all), I would not recommend their products to anyone based on my exper

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