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Need a new river rain jacket, Got one

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32 minutes ago, irishfield said:

Fish won't see him coming.. 


31 minutes ago, Terry said:

Bet Peewee Herman would like that 

You tree can go auger 2" holes in yer pools, and push yer heads through them. 🤣🤣

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Well there was no rain to test, but there was certainly  wind ,and I will say, with the hood up and secured, it was very nice to have something that kept me warm and comfortable . -0 high +3. I even fooled a couple of the regulars standing out in the pool. Usually I have my camo coat on and hat. I was bundled up, and they had no idea it was me . That was until I lit up a stogy. They complimented me on my new purchase. They were impressed with the quality. This coming from decked out Simms guys. :good:

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