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Thinking of doing a road trip first week or so of Nov., (I'm wide open to suggestions but I have to be back here for Nov. 14) thinking Myrtle Beach and some pier fishing for a few days but I'd consider other destinations. Looking for a navigator, I'll supply the car (2019 RAV 4) and fuel, we split motel costs/driving; dutch treat for food and other expenses.

If you are interested let me know.

I'm a non drinker, (don't care if you do as long as you don't get nasty or stupid) non smoker (don't care if you do but not in my car or motel room).

Room for one only.

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14 hours ago, huzzsaba said:

Did you go? If so how was the trip?

Sadly the trip didn't happen, unfortunately my friends dad took a turn for the worse just before we were going to leave and we didn't have time to re-schedule. I will be leaving right after Christmas for three months in Myrtle Beach so I'll get plenty of fishing in then, can't wait for another feed of those fresh caught whitings.😊

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