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A quick summer update

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Haven't been active on the site much this summer - haven't really fished - one or two trips where I mainly fished off the dock lol

However I did come up with a plan to improve those odds

Recently purchased my first fishing kayak - A Feel Free Lure 11.5 - I have only had it out twice, once for a paddle and once for a fish) In this pic I am running with the seat high (new user error -couldn't lower it lol) - but did get out again last weekend and figured it out - was awesome

One interesting thing - fishing excursion up Haliburton way - the lake was covered in these small flying ants - I have never seen so many fish rises in my life - almost every minute something was coming to the surface to gorge on the bugs - very much like a mayfly hatch


Quick trip up to the family cottage near Gravenhurst.  Fishing off the dock I managed to hook into a large walleye - over 24 inches.  According to some long time lake residents its rare for a walleye to be that size on the lake - so score one for me. Also caught it on a brand new Storm 360 search bait - like literally out of the package and 3 casts - score again


The next morning I was mainly being the kids fishing assistant  - one of them yelled that a big "scary fish" just swam under the dock.   I quickly grabbed my rod that had a wacky rigged worm on it and jigged it on the deep side of the dock and hooked into a nice pike


Anyway - all in all a great couple of catches to tide me over and if there is something memorable about my maiden kayak fish this weekend will update as well


On another note -my group has confirmed our plan and outfitter for 2020 - we are going with Slate Falls Outposts to their Miniss West cabin at the end of August - first planning session in the books last night and the juices are flowing 

Cheers and thanks for reading


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