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Smoker recipies

Big Cliff

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1 hour ago, misfish said:

Just herring hitting yesterday, so kept my 2.

Times have changed!  If memory serves me, the limit on them used to be 25..............not that anybody I knew ever actually caught more than a half-dozen or so in an outing...  But yes indeed every herring went into the smoker!  (And so did most of the whities and lakers......)

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19 minutes ago, Fisherman said:


Wouldn't want to tally up the herring I caught all on a treble hook with a pearl wired underneath the hook, just jigging.  Those were the good days.

Oh ya. Minets was a prime spot many moons ago.

Heck,I had 2 hit the spoon yesterday. LOL


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  • 2 months later...

Brisket point and pork belly burnt ends, yum, also did home made beans but forgot to snap a pic. Burnt ends were butter tender and did not last long, also the wife made another batch of beef barley soup with the ojus and added lots of the brisket meat. Can ya'll see me getting fatter LOL

smoked brisket point and pork belly burnt ends.jpg

pork belly burnt ends.jpg

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  • 5 months later...

Thanks giving weekend and I am not much of a turkey guy, but figured what the heck.

A couple of turkey breast that soaked in brine for 3 days. Smoke paprika,garlic,pepper, brown sugar and salt. Sure did smell good .

Smoked 3 pans and pulled , finished off in the oven, 200 for 3 hours. Reached 165, pulled,wrapped in foil. I basted with butter and savory.

One have for dinner,the other for sandwiches.



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My wife and I attended another one of our God Daughters weddings yesterday, they both looked like they stepped off a wedding cake, handsome and beautiful. My brothers youngest, maybe the last in my lifetime. My wife and I aren't the only ones that gained weight in the last 2 years, 22 months since I saw one brother and S-I-L as well as many, many others. I asked him if he slept with his dogs the night before. I had to explain it to whom ever was within earshot. His hair is almost completly white now . It was a strange day. My wife pointed out we were all cramed into a small chappel, as we emerg from C-19  protocol there will be strange days ahead. I could not believe the number of morbidly obese kids under 40 that attended, most under 30. Not good. Of course there was bacon everywhere. 

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