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Followed the beacon

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Started with a slice , then a light yonder, then a glimmer, then a beacon. I followed, as a lost ship at sea, in gale rollers .












Will be calmer waters on the river come next day I am sure. Looking forward to some fishing time with my oldest. :Gonefishing:

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51 minutes ago, Terry said:

great shots of the sun rise

good luck tomorrow

Thanks buddy.

They had a stellar day today,. Hope it holds for Sunday.

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1 minute ago, OhioFisherman said:

Looks a bit rolly out the for a toon?

Those were friendly's Paul. Been out on 3-4 ft ones. Rollers are cool, crashing waves, not so much.

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3 minutes ago, OhioFisherman said:

LOL, fish in the net makes them easier to tolerate?

I have more confidence in this toon, then I would in my old tinnie in those rollers. I,m a bobber out there. Just call me bobbing for fish guy. LOL

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