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Helping a Friend

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Hey guys, posting for a friend here. As this explains he had musky baits stolen out of his boat while on vacation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


STOLEN MUSKIE BAITS *******$1000 reward*******

Wishmaster Wish Dark Walleye 


Bluewater Baits

Elzinga Baits

Rennie Baits



Stolen from my boat was a musky monster box and a 5 gallon pail rimmed with custom muskie baits. This happened between the hours of 9:00 pm and 6:30 am on Sunday evening August 31st into the morning of September 1st 2019 at Rock Pine Resort in Pointe Au Baril, Ontario.

I am offering up a $1000 reward for the return of the baits that are listed below.

Please keep comments in good nature, yes I probably shouldn’t have left them in the boat, but I have learned a hard lesson that will never be repeated. Let this be a lesson learned for everyone to take your stuff out of your boat for the evening. 

A lot of these baits are one off patterns made by Hoser, Lidio and Steve and have a been run hard with a lot of lip wear and hook rash present. Most importantly to me is they have history and most with a good story to tell. I would definitely like to see them returned to me and that’s why I have offered up a reward.

Below is a list of what was taken to my best recollection but I am sure I am missing 5-10 baits and cannot recall everyone that was in the box. 

Lakewoods Monster Musky Box – Faded Green from the rain and sun

Lil Wish Wishmaster Dark Walleye Cream Belly 

I ran this Wishmaster as Rolf would have wanted, it has lip wear and hook rash.


Giant Flat Shad Night Shiner

Giant Flat Shad Glitter Perch

Giant Flat Shad Perch Orange Belly

Giant Flat Shad Tennessee Shad 

Flat Shad Tennessee Shad

Flat Shad BJ Shiner

Flat Shad Night Shiner Green Eyes

Flat Shad Firetiger 

Fatty Glitter Perch

Fatty Jailbird

Fatty Tennessee Shad 

Hose Jake Cisco

Hose Jake Firetiger 

Hose Jake Jailbird 

Bluewater Baits

8 inch Herring Firetiger White Belly 

9 inch Herring Solid Black 

9 inch Herring Rock Carp

9 inch Herring Hot Tail

9 inch Herring Imposter Perch

9 inch Herring Glitter Perch 

9 inch Chocolate Walter Orange Belly

10 inch Herring Georgian Bay Cisco

12 inch Herring Strawberry

12 inch Herring Black Glitter (White)

Slim Jim Roach White Belly 

Jointed Sidewinder Chocolate Walter Orange Belly 

Sidewinder Chocolate Walter 

Sidewinder Skunk

10 inch Chocolate Walter Orange Belly 

Elzinga Baits 

7/11 Plain Black

Muffy Diver Glitter Perch 

Muffy Diver Yellow Belly Roach

Bubble Shad Yellow Belly Roach

8 inch Jointed Yellow Belly Perch 

12 inch Red Pecker Head Rolf 

12 inch Tennessee Shad 

Perch Baits 

8 inch Jointed Glitter Perch

8 inch Jointed McCarthy

8 inch Firetiger

8 inch Perch Orange Belly 

14 inch Custom X Glitter Perch

14 inch Black Perch Rennie Bait



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