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You can't get here from there

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Well you can but it's a trip lol. Couldn't do it without my son for a guide, he does all the heavy stuff (I use to take him fishing, now he takes me )?.

Left my son's place early Sunday morning on our ATVs with all our gear for a 15 km trip, beautiful day light wind, it had rained the night before so trails were nice for riding (not too much dust) . 

This is one of countless little back lakes we like to fish, because it's kind of out of the way not many people bother with it.. We usually do quite well in these back woods lakes, today the fishing was great but the catching was slow. I'm not sure if it was the cold front that came in the night before but we struggled to get fish, the big ones just weren't active. 

Anyway it was still a wonderful day out with my best fishing buddy!





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Same here Cliff without my son doing most of the work I wouldn't be doing much Muskie fishing . He said Dad don't worry I'll get you there and unhook all those Muskies LOL . Sounds kike you had a nice day on the water thanks for the report.

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It's wonderful to see you are getting out there Big Guy. No wonder your son does the heavy lifting with those guns hanging from his shoulders. I miss getting out there with no one around, like having the entire planet to yourselves. I miss the camp we had on Crown Land on the Ottawa. Even in the dead of summer. We could go a week and the only traffic was in an airplane. When we were first dating 26 years ago my wife liked laying around with zero cloths on Hollywood Beach. That plane came by a few times a day. Oh I miss those days, and that beach!!!

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