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Bonnechere PP boating and fishing

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I was lucky enough to find a last minute trip to Bonnechere PP. Been dying to get out and fish!

I've never been here, does anyone have experience fishing there? It looks like there is a river that runs through the park that dumps into round lake. I have a zodiac with a 9.9 Are motors allowed on the river, or do I need to launch somewhere else?

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I camped there with my parents for 2 X 3 weeks stints , consecutive summers back in the 60's. First year it was a private campground then the government bought it the second year. The river was full of snot rocket pike as i recall never did catch any decent. The lake we caught pickeral, smallmouth , lakers and a whitefish. I did get a few largies in the marshy area where the river dumps into the lake.  The park has a very good beach area and you should be able to launch your zodiac on the beach or into the river in the park. I canoed a long ways up river but it meanders greatly , lots of oxbows and the fishing sucked .ie snotrockets. You may want to drive back roads with an ultralight , we got into a lot of pan sized specs in the creeks. Maybe things have changed in over 50 years ?

Edit: this could be useful http://fishing-app.gpsnauticalcharts.com/i-boating-fishing-web-app/fishing-marine-charts-navigation.html?title=Round+Lake+boating+app#13.1/45.6525/-77.5331

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It’s a nice little park. The river like another poster said meanders. used an electric trolling motor, But found I could only go so far before turning back. Neat place to explore.  Got a somewhat nice pike upriver.  You could launch in the river in the park.  The lake is short skip and jump away from the launch. I saw people there with Motors. 

 don’t be surprised to see big black aircraft flying low and loud overhead. We saw some heavy military planes flying in formation. Found out there’s an airstrip right across from the park. Not sure if they use it a lot 

 Also, there appears to be a crownland lake on the way into pembrooke. Hwy 62. Has parking and a dirt launch.  Never tried it but it looks like it’s used. 


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