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Quebec Trip Report

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Just got back from our 5 day trip to Lac Dassarat in Quebec. There were about 16 of us this year. Started out with one of the guys having his car smashed in a pile up the Friday before we were leaving; he persevered though and was able to still make it. We made the 6.5 hour trek, with the final 1/2 hour being on a very rough road. We limped in with a flat tire from a puncture. Thankfully the owner of the resort had all the tools to plug it; my buddy ended up putting the spare on to be safe for the drive home. We got set up with the boats for the next day.

The next morning we headed out with all kinds of confidence. Unfortunately the first thing we saw out on the water was the surface covered with those may flies; always a bad omen for us. That being said we still caught some fish, had a great fish fry, ate and drank too much and had a great time overall.

We saw bald eagles, which is always cool, saw a loon trying to scramble on to shore to sit on its nest which was quite laughable and caught a variety of fish (Walleye, Pike, Sauger, Bass and Perch). Fishing was tough throughout the trip and in hindsight we should have focused on the pike, which might have given us more action.

Here are a few pictures.












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Looks like everyone was having a terrible time, I’m sure there weren’t many laughs had either.

trips like that catching a few fish is just the bonus. Thanks for the report.

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