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Lake Erie Pickerel Heating Up

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Been out on Erie 4 of the past 7 days and although the numbers aren't as good as last year, the fish we have got have been significantly bigger including two 8 pounders.




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Been following the Erie scene for a while and even get to fish there occasionally with great success. The 2015 spawn was the best record back then, and we benefited from it starting 2017 when these fish reached ~16-17 inches in length. Now that year class is in the 20s and it's awesome fishing out there. 

2018 was an even better spawn than 2015, and somehow 2019 is looking better than 2018. So expect Lake Erie walleye fishing to be bananas from 2020-2025 at least.

Hopefully this trend continues!

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2 hours ago, LeXXington said:

Nice to see, think they will be a little later coming in thick this year compared to last year.


Where did you launch out of?

Mostly Selkirk, but occasionally I do the trek to Burwell.

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