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Surfing Kingbird Osprey and Bluegill

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    • Bluegill Rodworks

      I'd like to introduce you to Bluegill Rodworks, my rod building venture. My favorite rods to build are fiberglass fly rods, wrapped with a very simple style.  I also enjoy restoration work, some of those classic rods still have lots of life left in them and clean up pretty good. I'm willing to tackle pretty much any build, from fly to spinning to casting rods, so give me a shout if you have a project in mind. Fair warning

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    • Osprey Spiritual Performer (OSP) Lures

      I've got a lure that someone gave me after he found it stuck on his sailboat. It's been hanging in my garage for 4 years and I finally got sick of looking at it and checked it out today.  It's an OSP Rudra 130 SP. Solid feeling rattling suspending jerkbait.  Yellow body, hazy purple back, orange belly. I wish I cleaned up sooner after inspecting it today.  I've never heard of this company. Everything I find online is Russian or Japanese.  Does anyone have experience with these or

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    • Bluegill and Sunfish Hotspots in Tiny, ON

      Dear OFC members,   I have not been active at all, although I read the board all the time.Stuff to clear. Roy, I believe I said something rude to you a couple of years ago and I am genuinely sorry. Was having a bad day. I still remember the thread and what I said, sorry.   My reasons for inactivity from a fishing perspective are now four years old and two years old. Fishing has taken a major back seat obviously, I married late in life and we had kids quick. Life has been a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    • Bluegill/rock bass?

      Anyone seen these? My bud caught one down in the southern states, I was in awe. First one I've ever seen.   Not as pretty as a bluegill but interesting (at least to me) nonetheless  

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    • No Bluegill/ Panfish in an Ontario lake? Is this possible?

      We bought a cottage on a lake just West of Kawartha Highlands. I don't know to give you the lake name because I don't want to offend anyone. lol.   Some guys in recent weeks told me nothing is currently in season the lakes as it only has Muskie and Bass and a few really small perch. They specifically said there was no bluegill in the lake.   Is it possible that there are no Crappie or Panfish in a lake in that Buckhorn/ Bobcaygeon region? I've never heard of such a thing - surely they are

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