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June was a bit of a drag with some intermittent motor problems.  Lost quite a few days tracking down fuel flow issues. Fortunately my local marina treats me well and we seem to have tracked down the issue after a couple visits,  The lakes are definitely not were they usually are for this time of year, and after a few unremarkable outings on Ontario, last week I decided to turn my attention the to other pond to the South, despite mixed reports.  I was greeted with my first skunk of the year.

Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”   Nelson Mandela

So, I got my butt outa bed before I used to get into it as a young man, poured a couple coffees to go and  hauled me and Ms Ann Thrope down to the pickereye pond for another kick at the can.  A slow start, trying to figure them out again,  but we put together a pattern after a bit, and I was home just after the non-angling community was having lunch

We beat old sunny to the stage and watched as he crested.  Wasn't one of his more colourful outings, but always find watching the sunrise (or set) to be therapeutic. At one point I got socked in by a fog. Kept my fingers crossed the trawlers were in other waters and got my wish 

Got one old warhorse that gave a good fight and went back to make a few more, and kept a couple for the plate, and other obligations.

Let the good times roll.






Port Burwell Sunrsie.jpg


5 in a row.jpg

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