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Should I consider the french river?

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Hello there, just got back last week from my yearly Canadian trip with my father. We have been going to a location that has good smallmouth fishing but mediocre walleye fishing unless you are able to get into back lakes which we are not able to with my setup. I have an old 17 foot aluminum boat with a 9.9 that goes 15 mph with two people and our gear. It has been remodeled and is a much nicer than what you can rent most places so I bring my own boat. Where we currently go we end up moving around to different lakes and have to launch pretty much each time we fish so it's gets a little tiring having to do that and travel each time. I think it would be much easier on my father (and me) if we had a place where we could dock the boat and not have to worry about launching it each time.  I don't really care about Northerns and would like a place with good smallmouth and walleye. One plus of where we currently go is that there isn't much boat traffic at all. Does the French river sound like the kind of place I am looking for?

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My son and I made several trips to the upper French stayed at a couple lodges . We are Muskie fisherman but caught nice Bass , Walleyes and Pike on our trips . Lunge Lodge is in a good location and offers both bring your own food or American plan . Your boat will be fine there are plenty of islands and bays to fish . Good luck.

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