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Mosquito/Bug Jacket


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I'm immune to mosquitoes I welt for a day but zero itch. (Also immune to poison ivy)   however I hate the buggars.    Thermacell. And Deep woods off.  They will hover but not land .   Works for me. 


Lol edited apologies for my part in digging up old thread. 

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There is a small, cottage based company that is close to my cottage in Port Loring.  They have been making jackets for a long time.  We own a number of them and they are fantastic, the company is called Northern Bug Wear.  Here is a link to their site:



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On 6/10/2019 at 2:46 AM, Fisherman said:

After this weekend up N/E of North Bay I have come to the rapid conclusion that anything short of 100% deet just doesn't work.  Mosquitos the size of Hummingbirds and a stabbers just about as long.  The Thermacell units worked pretty good but as soon as you were out of the "zone" you became fair bait.   Does anyone have any recommendations for a 1 piece bug jacket.  Thanks.

I completely feel your pain. You might wanna try the "Coughlan's Bug Jacket." It's lightweight, breathable, and got full coverage to keep the skeeters at bay. Make sure you get the right size though, you don't want it too tight or loose.

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