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Early Season Smallmouth Fishing on Lake Erie-FREE Navionics Webinar!

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For many years I used to head to Lake Erie on the New York side for some early season Smallmouth Bass fishing but have missed the last few! Will try to get down at the beginning of May this year! Gonna take in this FREE webinar tomorrow evening with Navionics pro, Jonathan Coholich and see what's new!! Check it out if you're planning on heading out for some Lake Erie Smallmouths! Register here https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8700411718909125634?source=Navionics+eblast

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14 hours ago, David Chong said:

It can be so good that you're spoiled for the rest of the year! LOL

if its anything like trying to fish walleye in the spring on G bay then it will be nuts. You cant keep the damn smallies the heck away.

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2 hours ago, 206 said:

Not looking for spots, but how far of a run from a launch would it be to get onto the good ones?

At Presque Isle?



The top link shows a number of launches, the only one I ever used was the marina lake one, it is in the park which is the entire north side of the bay. The bay is only around 5 miles long and a mile wide? The south side is the city of Erie.

It's been some years for me 206, but the ramp was good and with it in the park there were more patrols, so more safety? As I recall the entrance to the park was gated, it opened at like 6 am?

I can't recall ever fishing there before mid to late June though and only a couple of times fun fishing, most were part of our club's tournament schedule. We always limited our tournies to inside the bay itself and imposed a 3 fish limit there, it almost always took a minimum of 10 - 15 pounds to stand a chance. Some nice largemouth there too.

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Shoot up from Chippawa. What a blast of a ride. Ask David to take ya up,he goes balls to the wall,drives it like he stole it.  The ride back is just as much fun. LOL

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