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Nice ones, especially the big guy. We've had a good start to the season with 13 in 2 mornings, but nothing that big. They are stuffing themselves on freshwater shrimp right now, see the fat ones below. Meat is red like a speckled trout or sockeye salmon. Very tasty. Good problem to have.


Dec 30 2018.jpg

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Hi Wayne !!! ... thanks ... truth be told rather be chasing Specks somewhere up in Porcupine District ;) ... but Muskoka lakers are tasty too... and pretty much have the lake to mself.

I just read your post about the back-up camera ... I broke down and got one for my F150 ... but decided to replace my Magellen GPS with the old one that comes with the camera ... no more real estate on the dash :)


Should have done it yesterday ...its too cold to go out and hook it up to the reverse lights :) ... also cant decide if I should mount it up top or on the licence plate (per the instructions)

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