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Got a favourite sunrise or sunset from 2018 ->'19

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17 hours ago, spincast said:

the contrast on this is very cool! Looks like it was a bit of a roller day?


It was funny. Rollers from the east,wind from the north. I could hold my spot,so went back in. Got back in and it layed down.LOL

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18 hours ago, spincast said:

Getting closer....  4:35 depart from home. next week I should beat it to the lighthouse

I am finding the sun is starting to come up later already. :dunno:

Not that Terry would know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:ph34r:

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9 hours ago, ratherboutdoors said:

Tonight, following a great fishing trip with Graham’s deep sea fishing, Stanley Bridge PEI.



Nice pictures from a great place, we'll be in PEI in September

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It was a very calm evening yesterday. I had some walk by the beach and then just watched the sunset from my favourite spot in my garden. I love such evenings: salty breeze is filling up your lungs and just listening the crickets singing.. On days like these I thank god for helping me to buy villa in Greece. It was worth every penny.


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