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Fishing Around Palm Springs, CA?

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Hi all,


I hope everyone has been doing well. It's been a while since I've last logged on here - Work has been intense the last while.  On that note, I recently was awarded a free trip at work to Palm Springs, California for April 2019. I realize that this part of the world is pretty much desert and cactus grow in people's front yards. Are there any fishing opportunities nearby worth trying (even an hour or two away)?


Thanks for the help!



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Hi Mike,

If you drive down to the coast pretty well every harbor has party boats that go out into the ocean for bottom fish, including halibut. It's relatively inexpensive and good fun, and if nothing else, you'll eat well afterwards. Most of them do full-day or half-day trips.

You can also find charter boats set up for more serious fishing ... most of it is trolling offshore for yellowtails, various sharks and yellowfin tuna. It's definitely pricey, but you'll remember the experience for the rest of your life. Nothing else on earth can peel line off your reel like a freaked out tuna. Trust me on this, your forearms will hurt for a week.

I've never tried it myself, but you do see guys casting off the harbor walls, mainly with bait for bottom fish. I guess they must do okay, because they're always there.

It's been a couple of years since I was in that part of the world so I don't have any specific recommendations for you ... do a quick Google search and you should find lots of info though. The harbor at Dana Point or Huntington Beach would be a good starting point. It's a bit of a drive from Palm Springs, probably 2 hours each way, maybe a bit less. Like everything else down there, it depends on the traffic.

As far as freshwater fishing goes, no, there aren't many options. There's probably some trout fishing in the state park, but with something like 18 million people living in the region, my guess is that guys who have it figured out likely keep very quiet. Most of the good bass lakes are north of LA, so you would be looking at a much longer drive to get to those.

Enjoy the trip. Southern California is absolutely gorgeous.

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I had the pleasure of vacationing there when I would proudly take my shirt off. The only trolling there is for Milf fish or T. trout. Couldn't help it. But seriously it's in the middle of the desert. You will have to go to the coast like Craig said.

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Haven't been down there in a few years but there were many points where you can surf fishing but if you don't have gear then I would head to Dana Point where there are many charters to choose from. Check Groupon before you head down and often there are deals for party boats heading out from there at very reasonable rates! Good luck and post pics!

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