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Ice road crappie.

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Hi all, 

So far we’ve had very little now this winter, so getting around by truck on the lake is a bonus. Even better when you can drive off your front lawn and not even half a mile away get into some nice crappie. Rolodex gets to come too even though he takes off visiting neighbors!😠.



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23 hours ago, 206 said:

Cool video, what holds the crappie there?

I think its just the depth, they tend to go to the deep holes on this lake when the fall comes.

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Great video, way jealous, still trying to get out for the first time☹️

I noticed you are using a battery powered auger, I have always used gas but am quickly leaning toward a unit like yours


How do u like it

how thick is the ice your going thru

how many holes can u drill and how do u think it would perform in the colder temps



Miss those Ontario lakes

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