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Jack on the Tundra.

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Hi all,

The weather is crazy here, seems to be the norm nowadays. Friday was +1℃ and today is meant to be going up to +5℃, its usually around -15℃ daytime and approaching 'minus completely ridiculous℃' at night.  

So, with school finished and both of us gravitating towards the couch and our phones/ipads, I suggested we take advantage of the warm weather and head out on the skidoos. Jack didn't need any persuading and he got dressed for a ride while I went to fire up his Yammy Bravo which had not been started since spring.

After a few pulls she fired up and cut out, one more pull on the rope and it snapped. I decided to see if jack would attempt Mum's Tundra. He got on with some nervousness and giggles and away he went. He says he loves it. He likes being able to turn the throttle round and squeeze as opposed to using his thumb. He also likes the heated grips and I swear he was looking at me like " you had me driving that other piece of #$#@ for the last 2 years?!".

I like that it has an 'ECO mode' on it, that when turned on, stops it from accelerating fast. It is a tippy machine , but seems less so when a smaller person is riding. jack is learning Angles at school at the moment so he totally understood what I was talking about when I told him to go over any ridges or bumps at right angles to avoid tipping, he navigated the plowed ice road snow banks like an expert. 

Roloff did not make the video part of our excursion as he was toast after our first little trial run and limped back to the house, poor dog, I know how he feels.


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On ‎12‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 8:54 PM, TJQ said:

Thats great Too bad they still dont make the old tundras though!  Those long tracks are unstuckable..  great vid!

The tundra is still available in a 154" long track. buddy of mine has one with 600 four stroke. great trail breaking machine

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