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Taxidermist - west GTA?


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Hi Guys,


My son just shot his first deer. Not bad at the age of 13 ?

Nice 8 point buck and we are planing to mount it.

Can you recommend good reasonable taxidermist in the West side of GTA. Milton/Brampton/Acton/Mississauga//Oakville area.

Never used such a service before so can use some advice.

What would it cost for head and neck mount?

Straight? Looking to the side? What would be best type to do?





Ice Fisherman

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One of the best in North America was a gentleman named Joe Martin out of Hamilton. As far as I understand Joe's son followed in his footsteps and is excellent. Google Martin Taxidermy Ontario. This is a skill that is one of those "you get what you pay for"  I have a Tiger Musky Joe did way back in 1983. It looks like it just came out of the water to this day. 

I found it but can't paste here for some reason. I Googled Joe Martin Taxidermy. It's either Joe Jr or Joe is still going strong. 

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Just did a bunch of research on this a month ago for my own harvest. I found that most cape shoulder mounts were around $750 and it take about a year. This is because most have to send the hide for tanning. I chose artistry in motion in uxbridge. A little more money but the best work I've seen. Also a saffari guide , you see his work every time you go to bass pro. They do the tanning on site and your animal back to you in 3-4 months.

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