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salt water reel for muskie ?


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GARNET--it's fun 2 watch on u-tube, i'm 2 old & 35 yrs. later as a brewery worker, hasn't paid off in the strength department ? i have quit fishing wide open st. clair, and have  just started fishing the HALIBURTON lakes for muskie, i have a sister on a small lake behind EAGLE LAKE with a cottage. there is some nice muskie lakes in west guilford county & head lake in haliburton. i will keep watching on u-tube what you are doing. ( hard work. )

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I started this stuff at about 53 and tried to just use my bass stuff.

That lasted about 1.5 days and I was buying the right stuff.

At 61 now I really pick my spots . It's really funny seeing 70-80 year olds

riding up and down canal. There's a cottage industry producing these

wooden plugs. Cape Cod is 1 hr to Boston north and 1 hr southto NY City

summer rental  rates are just  wild we go after labour day and June is best fishing.

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5 hours ago, Garnet said:

I haven't been to Cape Cod for 2 years. Our last trip I was fishing the eastern gap.

Jetty like Bowmanville rocks throwing that pencil mid day sunny, I see a striper from about 40 ft away

coming . It plastid my pencil about 3 ft in the air. Took off on about a 50 ft circle and just hammered my plug.

About 30lb.

I need to get in shape throwing this stuff  every 3-4 cast take little break by the end of the 2 week I might be up to

10 cast. 

Got into a blitz on a beach have no idea how many I caught stripers up to 40 lbs.

Google Canal Bikes either side of the ditch has a walking/bicycle path guys ride up and down rod holders, baskets.

I had one for a couple trips didn't really work for me.

And the most fun trying to figure out tides no matter what you do today it will be different tomorrow.

My other bait is a 3 oz white bucktail with a strait tail trailer.

This type of equipment would be to much for musky.  

Sounds like an adventure and a blast. It's been many years since I've been to Cape Cod. Going tp Provincetown was like being beamed to a different planet. 

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There are a number of spinning reels with gear rations < 5.0 that should work.  I put together this list for pike fishing, but some of it is just as relevant for musky. 


You can download a full list of reels at the bottom of the article.

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ADEMPSEY ---thanks a lot, what a share of valuable information, in that canadafishingguide.net ! WOW EE TIMBER TOM. i will read that at least 3 more times, i don't have a printer on my notebook. i have had one musky shy of 54 in. &  one 54 in., 33 & 35 lbs. out of st.clair landed in the boat, a good friend & my nephew landed them, but some those PIKE PICS are absolutely huge ! the only fish i've seen bigger than those pike are muskies from  eagle lake in dryden, scott jeager north shore lodge, check out his muskie gallery ?  thanks again.






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Daiwa BG is a fantastic saltwater reel.  Read the online reviews.  I have a 2500 and its really nice.  Great drag and smooth.  I would think one of the big ones would be strong enough for big pike or musky.  They use them for casting big plugs and baits in saltwater.  But using a spinning reel with braid casting all day is hard on the fingers compared to a bait caster.  With gloves it might be easier.  

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thanks CANUCK, i'm now looking at the BG 4000 OR 4500 ? not going to use it on st.clair, stick with the bait casters. i'm going to use on my new passion, the lakes up in HALIBURTON. the fish are not as big as st.clair, but it's GOD COUNTRY on the lakes in HALIBURTON. i've fished 3 lakes since the middle of sept., the biggest ski was 40 in., my brother-in-law bagged it, on an eight inch, wooden baby carp on head lake. the other 2 lakes we were getting ski's between 3 & 10 lbs., they were after 6 in. baits. it is a lot of fun in the HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS !

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