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New-old member here....

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    • Looking for fall smallies? Here's a tip.....

      Decided to do a solo mission for a few hours today on a local lake.   Hit up my late August spot and nada, fish had vacated.  Not surprised as that pattern only lasts a few weeks.  So I sat at the console and rode the sonar for a bit.  Edges, rock piles, flats, weeds, nothing too interesting.   I pull up to a spot and I see a few fish swirling.  I'm thinking awesome, maybe that late August pattern is back.   Nope, these bass were eating flying ants I kid you not.  Surface was littered with them

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    • Search and recovery here in Haldimand County today.

      I heard the 1st yellow Coast Guard helicopter fly by very low about 2PM. The pilot was circling our place continually, not a good sign. I was going to a friends at Featherstone Point on the west shore about 3. There were 5 OPP vehicles and about 30 folks gathered at the cottage of a very close friend that had passed a few years back. His daughter rents it as a vacation property now. When I got to Featherstone there were 3 boats west of the point. Our OPP Zodiac and 2 from our Coast Guard station

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    • You can't get here from there

      Well you can but it's a trip lol. Couldn't do it without my son for a guide, he does all the heavy stuff (I use to take him fishing, now he takes me )😊. Left my son's place early Sunday morning on our ATVs with all our gear for a 15 km trip, beautiful day light wind, it had rained the night before so trails were nice for riding (not too much dust) .  This is one of countless little back lakes we like to fish, because it's kind of out of the way not many people bother with it.. We usual

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    • New Here From Oklahoma

      Hi folks, my name is Derek Fike and I am new to the forum.  AKRISONER invited me to join.  I am a sponsor on the Bass Boat Central forum and I sell tungsten bass weights, jigs, ned jigs, etc on my website www.heavymetalfishing.com.  He is the first customer I have had from Canada, but said my pricing was much better than the offerings you currently have.  Anyways, I wanted to join and let everyone know that I am willing to ship to Canada and the shipping charges are exactly what is charged by th

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    • Any Eastern Lake Erie fisherman here?

      It's been quite some time since I've posted on this forum. There was a time when I would check in several times a day. I made the move to self-employment a few years ago and now I have more time to fish. If my customers had their way I'd be working 7 days a week 🙂 but sometimes you have to put your foot down. I also upgraded from a 14 foot Lund to a 20-foot Tahoe. This allows me to do both pleasure boating with family and fishing. Bought it used back in 2017 and immediately had it fit with a Mot

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