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Grouse hunt/Camping trip up North - ideas


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Hi Guys,

Planing a grouse hunting/camping trip up North for end of September while weather is still good for camping and right after season opener.

Did something similar late last fall (November) around Sudbury. Got some grouse, but would like to possibly go a bit further North for better and more numerous opportunities. Maybe few more hours driving added.

It'll be family trip with the goal of the boys getting plenty of chances to see and shoot grouse....

Good fishing in the same area would be a bonus.

Bring the ATV and possibly the small boat with us.

Would appreciate any and all of your good ideas.

Feel free to PM should you prefer.



Ice Fisherman

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Www.ituksum.com check them out! Off the chapleau highway. He has a little campground and Bush cabins. Endless amount of atv trails. Lots of grouse and rabbits. Lots of small lakes loaded with walleye, pike, bass,etc. Mostly all accessible by atv and small boat and motor.

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