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Nosbonsing 2018


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Tomorrow I head up to Lake Nosbonsing for a week of Holidays / Fishing / Relaxing.  

This will be my first trip to this lake.  I was able to rent a private cottage on the lake.  It will be my first time on a new lake in 15 years, having previously fished Tomiko Lake for most of my summers since early 2000s. 

The weather is looking hot but not to rainy.   It will be fun to cruise around and see new water and learn new spots after pretty much figuring out Tomiko and only hitting the 6 or 7 spots that I know produce fish.  I will have to learn to read my graph again, not just my GPS.  A good friend of mine fishes there and suggested I stop in and visit Henry at Birch Hill Camp.  Buy some bait and tackle and pick his brain a little, so I'll probably do that.  

I got my boat all ready to go this week.  New batteries, Oil Changes to car and boat.  Repack bearings in trailer.  All new brakes on tow vehicle.  Hopefully I won't have any issues.  Big thanks to DAN D.  for help getting my car and boat ready for my trip.  I feel a lot better knowing I'll be safe. 

Hopefully I can update this thread with pictures of fish and fun!  I haven't been very active on this board for a few years.  Hopefully this post changes that.  :)

See you all in a week. 

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1 hour ago, porkpie said:

When you get tired of working hard, trailer the boat across the highway and fish main basin of Nippising.  South shore is a good area, if your boat is smaller but I usually work flats out in the main basin. Have a good trip!

+1 for Nip... you may be disappointed in Nosbonsing to be honest.

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