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Back from Quebec

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I'm back from our 5 day trip to Quebec for walleye, sauger and pike. The weather was a little all over the place.  Our first night there was brutal for sleeping and the bugs couldn't wait for someone to step out of the cabin...lol. The Thursday brought a storm and the humidity broke to make it more enjoyable; then we had to battle the wind. We caught quite a few fish and had a blast. We had two fish dinners while we were there, one in our cabin and then a group fish fry which were both very yummy.  There is a new slot for walleye, but it didn't affect our ability to keep a few for a meal.  The largest walleye caught and released was about 5 lbs. I just love fishing this lake because of the low water clarity, which is so different from the usual waters I fish. I caught all my fish on a twister tail with a piece of worm.  Funny, I bring a huge bag of tackle and seem to stick to the one simple thing. Here are a few pictures.





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I find that a single Plano box holds more than enough tackle for trips like these.... Took me a while to figure that out though.. Lol.. I hope to fish Quebec next spring.. 

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