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pan fish disappearing?

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Are pan fish disappearing?

We have been fishing in lakes around Toronto (East) for the last 20 years. (Scugog, Rice, Sturgeon, Balsam, Simcoe, Chemong...etc...) and have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of fish we catch each time. Many times this year we haven't caught anything at all, not even a bite, which was impossible even 5 years ago. In particular, pan-fish seem to have practically disappeared, particularly Bluegills and Pumkinseeds, somewhat less Perch and Rock Bass. (We used to try to avoid catching them in the past). But also Pike in Lake Simcoe seem to have vanished, and same for Walleye in Balsam. LM Bass in Chemong/Buckhorn are now much smaller, and dramatically fewer. Rice lake seems to have become altogether fishless. Even the rivers flowing into Lake Ontario seem to have sharply reduced fish populations, for example Bullheads and Minnows in the spring,  not to mention many other species we sometimes caught that seem to be completely gone (Smelt, Eels, Cohos, Drums... etc.).

Are we the only ones witnessing this? (In which case I wonder why, given we have not changed much in the way we fish).

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