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Charleston Lake PP

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Midsummer Pike fishing is minimal at best as the good sized ones hold near deep water. There is a large weed bed between Flat and Rabbit islands across Big Water that could hold some Pike still but for the most part you would have to target the deep edge in 25 fow. Good luck, it's a real nice lake.



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We just spent 4 days fishing Charleston Lake.   Launched from the park and fished the east shoreline and moved up to the north  lots of 4 and 5 lb smallies and largemouth.  We saw only one pike the hole time we were there but we did see a catfish without a tail, so they are there.  We also saw lots of folks fishing the shoals in the middle of the lake on the way to the north end. We never did get over to the west side.  Lots of folks trolling for lakers.   We tried trolling until we got distracted by one of those shoals.  We had a great time, one of my best early bass trips yet.     

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