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Garmin EchoMap 95 first crappy issue

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They say to always look for the fine print in anything you buy. https://www8.garmin.com/maps/onthewater/newchartguarantee/

Notice in the small print at the bottom only ¹Limit 1 free update per device or card. New Chart Guarantee valid within 12 months of purchase.

I purchased the EchoMap Chirp in Early April read the instructions follow the updates.. Now less that 3 months on there is a new Map update please pay $77.00 ..  No details that I can find on what is in the update.

At least with other Navionics you could get 1st year free update and it would list whats in the update.

Not worth the money to pay for an update just sort of ticks me off as  a customer.



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 LeXX I read a lot of that "fine print"  from banks to cars for a living and I tell you, you will never win.

I have one client who shades back the type to a fine grey so you can't read it, and they also have the nerve to put on TV.

I've changed mistakes only to be told not to, a lawyer wrote it.

Last year I advised that the legal did not match the offer and nothing was done and printed. This morning they came back and changed it!!!!

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