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I've only fished in Winnipeg for one evening in August of 2014. My dad and I were driving from Toronto to Vancouver.  I believe we tried fishing around St Vital Park on the Red River. Didn't catch anything, but did see 1 massive dead channel cat on the bank. If I had to guess, it was around 15-20lbs. Definitely bigger than any channel cat I've caught in Ontario (my PB is 13lbs 8oz). One day I would love to go back with my carp gear and a bunch of worms to try for the channel cats.


Bring insect repellent...The mosquito is Manitoba's provincial bird for a reason.LOL

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Been once in the spring when a pal was transferred there for a few years. I wanted to fish, no way. They buy Deet by the drum full. They warn you stay in while they spray the city for bugs by air.  Had to run from the car to the Hotel to not get eaten alive. 7 weeks? You couldn't pay me enough, good luck.

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