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Finally went fishing

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Well it took a while but had a few days off work this past week and finally got the boat in the water. Had to take a bit of a test run before a Friday/Saturday morning musky adventure, so took a quick run down to Lake Ontario to see if the boat would work. Since it did...trolled around for a few hours. I don't do a lot of salmon fishing, but do have some dipseys, couple of spoons and a flasher/fly rig. Managed 3 small salmon in a few hours, and then caught what my friend referred to as "a big stinky laker". Considering my first laker was caught thru the ice a few months ago, and weighed maybe a pound, this was quite a different fish. Caught it on the flasher fly at around 120 feet down over 170 (this is the king kong of dipseys...not the usual one). Once in the boat I understood why he called it "stinky". Lakers have a smell all of their own! With the boat running well, went up to Kawarthas for Friday and then Saturday morning...hoping to land some fish that are known for their stink (not to mention teeth and slime). Tried 2 lakes I had never fished before, so it was a bit of a guessing game where to start etc. Day one we managed 5 muskies and day 2 landed another 3. Nothing huge, biggest were 43 and 42 inches. Almost all the musky we caught still looked pretty beat up from the spawn. Took a few hours on each lake before we found em, but once we did the fish cooperated! Pretty satisfying going to a new body of water, struggling to find the pattern, but then getting rewarded eventually. Water in Kawarthas was 66 in am then 68 by early afternoon...this was the same on both lakes. Here are a coupla pics:




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