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Flashing 0.0

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I was out on simcoe yesterday and my elite 7 hdi fishfinder was flashing  0.0 for depth and flashing 32  for water temp. Tried rebooting and resetting but nothing helped. Any ideas out there. I did a web search but didnt find any definitive solution

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voltage? I have had mine do that several times. Frustrating as all get out to be in 86 FOW and have it show 5.  The most effective solutions - Factory reset if is at the beginning of a trip (then spend 10 minutes getting your preferences back) ; start up the motor and do a quick run if we've been on the water for a few hours (sometimes just idling for 5 or 10 mins will do it, sometimes no change). Check your connections too  a loose connection will effect it. 

Try having the voltage display on the screen and see if it happens at a certain point

 Good luck

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