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Another Weekend at Bernie’s (June 2018 edition)

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Well, another weekend at Bernie’s is in the books with the usual cast of characters!  Conditions were windy and the bite was typical of a cold front, but it’s always great to get up there and catch up with the guys!

Friday we arrived around 230ish and decided to not hit the windy lake.  Instead, Bernie melted some lead to make some jigs.  We then painted them up....these things have always worked great for us and I need to re-stock again!

Caught a bunch of smaller walleye on Saturday but Will caught the first 21” one I’ve seen come out of that lake in 8 years on Sunday.  Was a great catch to end the weekend.  

As always, thanks Bernie for hosting us yet again up there!  Stay tuned for the Sept 2018 edition....













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Thanks for the report Cliff. That sure is a fine group of specimens in the pics... I mean the jigs of course!


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1 hour ago, Terry said:

Looks like a fun weekend 


so so what about the other two.  BB



Just like you to stir the pot. There are 3 others,not 2. LOL

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Them thar are some nice healthy lookin' Piks, and nice pics too. You guys have an assembly line going. I have to tell you though on our trips on a wind or rain out days the last thing we would be doing is working. No paint on the table, more like paint thinner such as Jamaica 151 Rum. You guys are party animals, did you ever see the movie?

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