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Hitting the rev limiter on my tinny

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I bought a new 20 hp Merc 4 stroke 2 years ago and put it on a 14' Lund tinny.

The boat flies with just me in it, 50 km an hour on the GPS.

The only problem I am having is when I'm at WOT it lags and makes a clicking sound.

If I roll the throttle back ever so slightly, the sound goes away.

The Mechanics at BPS tell me that I am likely hitting the Rev limiter and that I should

change the prop.

Does anyone have a clue as to whether this sounds right and if so, which prop I should go to?

 The boat is a new Lund 14 WD.


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You could also just stay with the prop you have on now. It sounds like you are just barely tickling the rev limiter and it sounds like you are happy with the top speed.

More pitch and the boat might not perform as well when you have other passengers.

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