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NF DIY Caravan 2012 Radio replacement?

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Was in my brother-In-laws truck and it has all the bells and whistles.

The radio caught my eye as it had a touch screen with perfect cell phone integration.

Any chance of grabbing a cheap amazon radio for easy replacement?

Not interested in the actually radio/stereo part and don't need 10,000W volume but the hands free cell phone use would be great.

The electronics don't scare me its the stupid incompatible loom connectors that need "McGyvering"...

I see a ton of models on Amazon or CrappyTire etc. but again compatible looms would be nice.

Yes I could follow wire diagrams to make any unit work but.... I'd rather be fishing.

Anyone know of a cheap model and connector package that would do the job for a Caravan 2012?


Any good?




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