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I & Mother Nature decided it was time to upgrade the old Shimano rain gear & I spent a considerable bit of time researching legitimate product reviews. This review pretty much sums up the general consensus:

I was looking for a light weight mild weather rain suit as I have zero interest in fishing in driving rain in less than 10 C weather. That's what Bass Pro & Cabelas extreme gear are for. I'm somewhat surprised Marmot has never been mentioned here on OFC?

The best deal I found was on Amazon.ca. However, with their pricing structure, the best price was limited on the 'Marmot' green @ CA$ 102.47 & fulfilled & shipped by Amazon prime. Other colours were priced much higher & shipped by 3rd party providers with extended delivery (up to 5 weeks):

Note that the actual colour is more close to high vis green vs the more mossy colour shown here. I was actually pleased with the brighter colour aspect as it is in fact more visible in case of an emergency or low visibility conditions. Not to mention it was the best price available. 

As for the review;
We fished the home lake in Seguin (zone 15) over the weekend (& managed an easy walleye limit BTW) with rain all day Saturday, winds gusting to 20 Kph & rain from scotch mist to full on downpour. I even rode on the bow @ full throttle into full on rain & wind for a full test. Rain just kept beading & blowing of the jacket. Got back to the cottage after 90 minutes on the water & not a single sight of water penetration. I was layered with a very light wool pullover & breathability was excellent. Never chilled & never sweated. I was so impressed with the durability & wicking that I ordered the Precip pants today for Thursday delivery:

So far, for value, fit & performance I rate excellent. + Suggest as a most affordable Fathers Day gift ;)


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thats crazy cheap, you dont even wanna know how much i paid for my arcteryx...although arcteryx has a lifetime warranty on their products so unless i want a change in style it pretty much is the last rain coat i will ever need to own.

A good tip, read up on how to wash your jacket and treat it...I never realized that true goretex actually needs to be washed a certain way and then retreated with DWR...I found this out when i realized that my arcteryx coat was starting to saturate when I was out in very heavy rain...Apparently washing and retreating the coat will bring it back to brand new...I just purchased all of the appropriate cleaners and treatment formula yesterday, i will let you know how i make out.

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Nice!  Can't beat quality rain gear.   I've been nothing but pleased with my Cabelas Guidewear.

Once the rain stops beading (And it will) you'll need to wash and treat it to bring it back to life.

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