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Bassboat Ladder?

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Hey Guys,

im confused as heck about this one...

So i have looked at the boating regulations and it appears as though any boat up to 19'8 in length is required to have a re boarding ladder.

But when i think about it, basically not a single 14 foot tinner that I know of has a reboarding ladder on it...can someone please clarify what the rules are in relation to this? Is it just that its not often enforced, or is it actually a requirement? Is every single small tinner out there in violation of the rules? 

Ive got an 18 foot bass boat and a 14 foot tinner, neither of them have ladders on them...am i going to get in trouble the next time i run into the OPP?


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that explains how the boat gets away with no ladder then. If my understanding is correct, the lowest point of the boat cannot be above .5m of the waterline, and in the case of my skeeter and my tinner the back of the boat barely sits above water. Therefore no ladder needed.

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