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A quick white fish outing and again

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I had a 3 hour window to get some fishing done. Didnt need all 3. CRAZY ACTION

Got to my depth and marked right away. Did not take long to get the first one hooked on the meegs and on the stringer. While Im doing that, the screen is lighting up. Also, fish are breaking the surface all around me. Drop the meegs and bang. Another. Im thinking ok lets just release and play til time to go. I went 7/7 in 2 hours. Kept the last one to make my 2 limit. One is being marinaded in cilantro,lemon,smoke paprika and sriracha for wraps tonight. 


On the fence to put on the smoker for 2 hours then finish in the oven. Just for smoke flavor. The other was dropped off to a old friend. 
Crazy action.




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i really miss fishing for whities!  There are few around these parts, and no consistent action for them.  Seven for seven in two hours is AWESOME!


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And this morning was no different Doug. 


Get them while I can. They will soon move to the deep depths. Another fish fry tonight and tomorrow. 


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