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Bye Bye Lake Simcoe dock ....

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I've seen it happen. One of the new neighbours from the big city (London) some years ago built a big dock down the lane from us and paid some big $$ to do it. As the contractor was doing it I warned him. This idiot knew better than the contractor and I The next spring he comes back from down south and some of his dock is on my beach and up the break wall. He called the OPP to report I stole his dock. Yes Mr. Len Love, I smashed your dock up, dragged it 300' down the lake and threw it up 20' onto my break wall. Even the Cops shook their heads. Then  he sued the builder. In the same summer he called the Cops to report that I plugged his foot valve in the lake with algae in the middle of the night. I could write a book about this Citiot. Mr. Len Love of London On. He must be dead by now.

Why do people insist on messing with Moma ? You can not beat her.

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That's pretty funny story.

Reminds me of a story my parents told me about a new home owner in their water front community.  This home owner bought the home all excited about the waterfront but didn't realize that this location is on the side of the lake that receives the wind most of the time ... thus guck in the lake will end up at this location.  Because this home was next to a small closed inlet, the guck would get pushed in and build up.  Thus his expensive waterfront had continual weeds blowing in (Kawartha lake) and next to his home was the deadend inlet that would just get totally plugged up and STINK due to so much guck/weed build up come mid summer.  He complained to the community volunteer group that this was their problem and they needed to fix it.  LOL

I can't recall if this was their home or a cottage.  But I'm sure if you asked my father he'd tell you it was their cottage and they are Citiots (his favorite word).

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Around 30 years ago my youngest brother took a job logging out a 10-12 acre ravine so the land owner could dam it and and build a pond. It cost the land owner like 25-30 k to have the dam built, and muskrats burrowed around the dam and it washed out the first year.

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