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New Terrova with the optional Copilot feature

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  1. Hey all, I just installed a new Terrova 55lbs trolling motor on my boat. They also gave me the Copilot to add it to the trolling motor. My question is this.

    If I install the copilot on my Terrova, can i still use my foot pedal ?? I haven't opened the copilot pkg yet because I've read that when it's installed, the foot pedal becomes useless. Can I use both ??

    I like using my pedal as it leaves my hands free to fish. The remote feature is nice and all, but having it hanging around my neck and having to stop fishing to use the remote to me, just doesn't make sense.

    Any input would be much appreciated.. If I can't use the foot pedal at the same time, I'll just pass on the copilot and sell it to someone who would use it..


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I thought it was only on the Powerdrive units that the pedal was disabled if Co-Pilot was installed.   Terrova both should function as normal.

A quick call to Johnson Controls would probably solve your issue.

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Are you sure it’s co-pilot and not I-pilot? 


If I-pilot, you will not lose the foot pedal when installing. As stated, that’s only on the power drive. 

If it’s a co pilot, I do not believe it will be an issue either.

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