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John Bacon

Scugog - winter fishing

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Am I reading this correctly?  I know that walleye is closed all year on Scugog.  I was also under the impression that the lake was closed to all fishing during the winter.  However, when I read the exceptions below, it seems like only the portion of the lake within 100m of the causeway is closed.

If I read this correctly, I could fish for crappie anytime of the year.  I just cannot fish within 100m of the causeway between Nov 16 and the 2nd Sat in May...

Lake Scugog - 100 m (328 ft.) on both sides of Hwy. 7A (causeways) - Scugog Twp.    -     Fish sanctuary - no fishing from Jan. 1 - Fri. before 2nd Sat. in May & Nov. 16 - Dec. 31.

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Yeah John you can fish it all year for crappie and perch.  Just make sure you are not in the closed areas and good to go

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